For new customers and current clients planning to move from one residence to another, from city to city, from country to country. All over the world, you can make one contact with OLYMPIC TUNISIA. with a phone call or an email to arrange a personal survey visit, our personal agent will estimate the volume/weight of your items,
and then our professional team will offer a price for packing, transport and delivery services with all required information from clearance to customs paperwork giving each customer a smooth moving experience.


International companies transferring employees with families for department expansion, or new offices, or diplomatic mission, may need to move from country to another. OLYMPIC TUNISIA is one of the best international companies in moving & international relocation services in Tunisia, with good networking relations in this field
and several partners all over the world. We can offer outstanding services for both sides of your transfer from origin to destination.


For international moving services, customers require special documentations according to their status at origin and destination countries.
OLYMPIC TUNISIA is basically established in Tunisia; however, we provide all necessary information for our clients as VIP, to insure a legal and smooth transfer with all current required paperwork which allows customers to have a quick and comfortable clearance, avoiding any extra charges via seaport or airport.


Heavy Shipments handled by OLYMPIC TUNISIA are generally forwarded by sea with reputable international shipping companies like Maersk Line, MSC shipping company, CMA CGM... Which secure regular traffic lines from Tunisia to different international ports in the world. Small and light shipments can be forwarded by air from TUNIS airport to all international airports in the world.


OLYMPIC TUNISIA provides transportation services with a variety of vehicles from vans to heavy trucks, forklifts
and special trucks for mobile containers.


OLYMPIC TUNISIA provides 3 storage warehouses in Tunis for our clients. Each one has a large open space which can accommodate either loose pieces or wooden crates. OLYMPIC TUNISIA can provide short or long term storage for our clients with regular rates and security for your goods in environmentally controlled conditions.
OLYMPIC TUNISIA can also provide insurance which covers many risks in case that happens during storage periods. OLYMPIC TUNISIA, a shipping company for your current needs to remember for your future.


OLYMPIC TUNISIA Import & Export is an ITGBL agent and service provider for the U.S.Embassy in Tunis and the official agent for more than embassy and international organization in TUNISIA


Packing, Transport and forwarding company established in 2004, serving more than international organization and company in Tunisia, providing the best services for packing, moving and delivery for many customers : expatriates, offices, commercial cargo, furniture, IT equipments, fine arts, exhibition and various kind of goods.


Our professional crew used to provide a high level of service, to successfully win the trust of our clients and being recommended from customer to another, Only Olympic team who can take care of personal belonging without any problem and finally take a deep breath and have their precious household goods safely. We work hard to accommodate customer requirements for scheduling any special security considerations even during the busiest months, such as summer transfer season.
Additionally, our company handles all kind of merchandise and supply transfers, from documentation for clearance to export or import shipments, household goods, personal vehicles, heavy equipment and hazardous materials.
We have good experience with range of customs regimes, including commercial, official, bilateral and diplomatic agreements, to transfer their shipments quickly through port, arranging priority treatment and reducing storage and port/airport charges.

Our contact

  • Tel: +216 71 868 090
    Fax: +216 71 868 077
  • contact@olympictunisia.com.tn
  • 18, Rue Fattouma Bourguiba, RĂ©sidence Fares - Bloc A - Apt.A 22 - Ariana 2036, Tunisia


For all services required, go with all peace of mind to our office.